Purpose and History

The Preschool seeks to provide children with a creative growth experience and to support the activities of home and family. The program emphasizes the development of social living, creative experiences, and physical and emotional growth. Unlike many church-based preschools, Kensington Preschool models Christian behavior but does not teach religion in the classroom. For example, children sing a simple nondenominational prayer before meals and enjoy occasional, interactive visits with the Pastor rather than being schooled on Christian scripture, tradition and the like. Values modeled include demonstrating kindness, respect for peers and property, and honoring classroom rules.

The Preschool was started in 1972 by a member of the Kensington Community Church as an outreach to the greater community. At the time, there was a lack of quality preschools in the greater Kensington area, and so our founder, Carolyn Davis, started the school as a service to the families of our neighborhood. Carolyn utilized the most up-to-date research and understanding of childhood development at the time. And under her leadership, KPS garnered a reputation as a preschool of exceptional quality, curriculum, and staff that focused on the nurturing of children through play and experience that the school is still proud to carry today.

Following Carolyn’s example of hiring the most qualified of teachers, our teachers at Kensington Preschool are selected for their ability to relate to young children, their education and experience in child development. All are qualified to provide the appropriate learning experiences for each age level in a warm, loving environment, supporting and guiding children as they learn about our world. A ratio of no more than eight children to each teacher is maintained, sometimes less as is age appropriate.

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